Multidisciplinary Approaches to Migration and Multilingualism (MAMM2022) will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus on October 22-23, 2022. The conference is organized and funded by the Department of English Studies and the Department of French and European Studies, as part of the project MIGDISCY- Migration, Discourse, Cyprus, internally funded by the University of Cyprus.

The central theme of this conference is migration and multilingualism with a focus on language practices, migration discourses, language and identity, language policies and ideologies, language acquisition, bilingualism, bi(dia)lectalism, multilingualism, multiculturalism, equality, equity and diversity, heritage language use, maintenance and transmission, language loss, shift and attrition, family language policy, emotions, socialization practices and language management strategies of immigrant and minority families, home literacy environment, code-switching, code-mixing, translanguaging, and intercultural communication. The purpose of the conference is to bring together scholars working on these areas from different perspectives and with different populations, to exchange ideas and engage in a fruitful discussion.

Organizing Committee

Prof Fabienne Baider

Department of French and European Studies, University of Cyprus

Dr Sviatlana Karpava

Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus

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